The View

Contemporary Art Space


is a new platform for contemporary art and experimental exhibition forms. At exposed locations above the Swiss shore of Lake Constance, three subterranean exhibition rooms and a studio gallery will offer a profound insight into international contemporary art once a year. Actual positions on the themes of space, light, sound, photography, media art and moving pictures will be in the main focus of the exhibition projects. The historical water reservoir, built in 1900 of massive concrete, has been reconstructed sensibly and, adaption to the requirements of multi media presentation techniques were implemented, which transformed this location into an extraordinary exhibition space for spatially based installations. Equally the clear, reduced architecture of the air-raid shelter in Salenstein, built in the late 1980s, allows a unique subterranean encounter with contemporary art. To complete the row of exhibition spaces, there is a cave like military shelter near the water reservoir in Berlingen. As a connection point and visitor centre between the subterranean project rooms exists a studio gallery called SCHREINEREI14 in Fruthwilerstr. 14 in Salenstein.